Spring and Fall 2019:
Philosophy 210, Moral Thinking
-- a survey of a range of normative ethical theories, which I teach every semester.

Philosophy 430A/530A, Metaethics -- a survey of the field of metaethics Fall, 2017 and Fall 2019. 

Recent Undergraduate:
Philosophy/Psychology 348, The Moral Mind -- a course that addresses topics at the intersection of moral psychology and ethics. Taught in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

Recent Graduate
Philosophy 410/510, History of Ethics, -- a historical survey of such figures as Hobbes, Clarke, Butler, Bentham, Mill, and Kant (with half the semester spent on Kant).Spring 2015 and Spring 2018.
Seminar in Kant's Ethics, Fall 2015 and in Fall 2018.