Recent Undergraduate:
Philosophy/Psychology 348, The Moral Mind -- a course that addresses topics at the intersection of moral psychology and ethics. Taught in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, 2021.

Philosophy 210, Moral Thinking -- a course in normative moral theory, covering versions of divine command theory, moral relativism, natural law theory, consequentialism, ethical egoism, Kant's ethics, ethics of prima facie duty, virtue ethics, particularism. I regularly teach this course. 

Recent Graduate
Philosophy 410/510, History of Ethics, -- a historical survey of such figures as Hobbes, Clarke, Butler, Bentham, Mill, and Kant (with half the semester spent on Kant).Spring 2015 and Spring 2018.

Philosophy 430A/530A, Metaethics -- a survey of the field of metaethics Fall, 2017 and Fall 2019. 
Seminar on Kant's Ethics, Fall 2015 and in Fall 2018.