Research Interests:

In addition to my ongoing work on Kant's ethics, I continue to collaborate with Terry Horgan.  A Collection of our essays in metaethics entitled, Moral Twin Earth and Beyond is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Terry and I are recipients of a John Templeton Foundation Grant that will support our writing a book, Illuminating Reasons: A Essay in Moral Phenomenology during the 2012-2013 academic year.

I organize the annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics (WiNE) that takes place in Tucson each January.  The 5th Workshop, January 9-11, will feature Philip Pettit, Christine Swanton, and T. M. Scanlon as keynote speakers. The full program will be available mid-July and will be posted on the workshop homepage, which includes details about the workshop location, accommodations, and registration (which is free).  

A selection of papers from the Workshop is published by Oxford University Press.  
Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume Three featuring papers from the third workshop that took place in 2012 will be published fall, 2013.

Select Publications:

"The Perfect Duty to Oneself as an Animal Being", in Kant's Tugendlehre, A. Trampota, O. Sensen, and J. Timmermann (eds.), Berlin and New York: de Gruyter (2013): 2210243.

"A. C. Ewing's First and Second Thoughts in Metaethics", with Jonas Olson, in Underivative Duty: British Moral Philosophers from Sidgwick to Ewing, T. Hurka (ed.), Oxford: Oxford University Press (2011): 183-211. 

"The Moral Significance of Gratitude in Kant's Ethics" with Houston Smit, Southern Journal of Philosophy 49 (2011): 295-325.

"Toward a Sentimentalist Deontology",  In Moral Psychology, vol. 3, Walter-Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.), Oxford University Press, 2008.

"What Can Moral Phenomenology Tell Us about Moral Objectivity?" with Terry Horgan. In Objectivism, Subjectivism, and Relativism in Ethics, E.R. Paul, F.D. Miller, and J. Paul (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2008.

"Moorean Moral Phenomenology", with Terry Horgan. In Moorean Themes in Epistemology and Ethics, S. Nuccetelli & G. Seay (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2007.

"Ethical Objectivity, Humanly Speaking: Reflection on Putnam's Ethics without Ontology", Contemporary Pragmatism, 2007.

"Cognitivist Expressivism", with Terry Horgan. In Metaethics after Moore, T. Horgan & M. Timmons (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2006.

"The Categorical Imperative and Universalizability", in  Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals: New Interpretations, Christoph Horn & Dieter Schonecker (eds.), de Gruyter, 2006.

"Expressivism, Yes! Relativism, No!" , with Terry Horgan. In Oxford Studies in Metaethics, vol. I., R. Shafer-Landau (ed.), Oxford University Press, 2006.

"Moral Phenomenology and Moral Theory", with Terry Horgan. Philosophical Issues 15, 2005.


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