Research Interests (in no particular order):

Kant's Ethics
I have a contract with OUP for Significance and System in Kant's Ethics: Selected Essays that will include some of my previously published work on Kant's ethics plus some new material. Recently, I have collaborated with Houston Smit on three related articles on topics in Kant's Metaphysics of Morals and his Lectures on Ethics. Sorin Baiasu and I are editing a collection of 44 newly written essays by renowned scholars covering a vast range of topics from the entire Kantian corpus entitled The Kantian Mind and will be published by Routledge Press. This large project is in its early stages.

Metaethics & Moral Phenomenology
In addition to my ongoing work on Kant's ethics, I continue to collaborate with Terry Horgan.  A Collection of our essays in metaethics entitled, Moral Twin Earth and Beyond is under contract with Oxford University Press. 

Terry and I are recipients of a John Templeton Foundation Grant in support of our writing a book in progress, Illuminating Reasons: An Essay in Moral Phenomenology. This grant also supported a conference that was held in Tucson, October 16-18, featuring eight talks and streamed live.   

Moral Epistemology
Aaron Zimmerman, Karen Jones, and I co-editing The Routledge Handbook on Moral Epistemology that will feature 30+ commissioned essays covering topics that relate moral epistemology to science, normativity, and its applications. Another project in its early stages.

I organize the annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics (WiNE) that takes place in Tucson each January.  The 7th Workshop, January 14-16, 2016 will feature Jonathan Dancy and Marcia Baron as keynote speakers. The full program will be available mid-July and will be posted on the workshop homepage, which includes details about the workshop location, accommodations, and registration (which is free).  

A selection of papers from the Workshop is published by Oxford University Press.  
Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics. Volumes 1-4 are in print, volume 5 will be out in Fall 2015.

Select Publications:

"Exploring Intuitions on Moral Twin Earth: A Reply to Sonderholm," with Terry Horgan. Theoria 2015: 1-21

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"Ethical Conservatism and the Psychology of Moral Luck," with Shaun Nichols and Theresa Lopez. In Empirically Informed Ethics, M. Christen, J. Fischer,  J. Huppenbauer, C. Tanner, & C. van Schaik, eds., Springer (2013): 160-17.

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